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Dùng để kiểm tra độ bền xé của vải dệt và vải không dệt theo phương pháp elmendorf Tiêu chuẩn liên quan: ASTM 5734-01, ASTM 1424-09; ISO 1974-90, 9290-90, ISO 13937-1-00,

Auto Elmendorf Tear Tester


Xem cách kiểm tra độ bền xé rách vải, giấy, bao bì, nhựa, tầm film 


máy đo độ bền xé elmendorf tự động


  • Auto Elmendorf Tear Tester (patented product), is used to determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, plastics, paper or board.
  • Elmendorf tear tester enables rapid determination of the dynamic resistance of materials designed to be subject to strong shearing loads (e.g. fabrics) or liable to be damaged by sharp or heavy objects (e.g. paper bags). Subsequently, the test was naturally adopted for all materials in the form of sheet or films, cardboards, cloth, knitted fabrics, plastic films, aluminium foil, non-woven fabrics, complex flexible packaging etc.
  • Elmendorf type tear tester is not applied to sparse fabric or stretch materials which the tearing direction might be shift in test.
  • Compressed air of 0.4~ 0.7 mPa is required.

Cấu tạo máy đo độ bền xé tự động




  •  Works in accordance with all known test Standards.
  •  The model is the only one that covers the most completed test range from 0 to 12800cN.
  •  RS-232 data output, windows based TESTEX Tearing Test software.
  •  Machine can be controlled by the large graphic touch panel without computer and software.
  •  Automatic specimen clamping and notching.
  •  Repeatable, pneumatic specimen gripping system guarantees sufficient clamping
  • pressure to avoid all slipping phenomena, thus ensuring perfect reproducibility of the experimental conditions.
  •  Automatic compensation for friction and leveling errors, no slave pointer, therefore no friction, alignment and maintenance problems.

Màn hình hiển thị máy đo độ bền xé elmendorf tự động




  •  Capacity 0-12800 grams (0 ~ 128N)
  •  Pendulum Range(cN) 0~ 1600, 0 ~ 3200, 0 ~ 6400, 0 ~ 12800
  •  Accuracy 0.2% of pendulum range
  •  Unit GF, MN, CN, CP, LB
  • Power/ Air
  • 220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 0.5 ~ 0.7
  • Mpa
  • Weight 105 Kg
  • Dimensions 560 x 420 x 530 mm (L x W x H)


Included Accessories


  •  TESTEX Elmendorf Tearing Test software
  •  Complete with work pendulums
  • 1600cN/g (3.5lb), 3200cN/g (7.0lb), 6400cN/g (14.0lb), 12800cN/g(28.0lb)
  •  2 pcs of Cutting blades
  •  1 pc of Specimen cutting template


Manual Elmendorf Tear Tester

máy đo độ bền xé elmendorf dạng cơ

  • The device for measuring the tearing strength by the method of Elmendorf is used to determine the strength for tearing tissues. paper and other materials. The measuring range is from 8 to 64 N with the corresponding pendulums. The set includes 3 pendulums.
  • The Elmendorf tear strength tester is designed specifically for measuring the tensile strength of fabrics, paper, leather, film and non-woven materials with precisely defined tear direction and for other thin materials. The device is not suitable for testing knitted and elastic woven materials, tearing of which can move during the test.


  • ASTM D1424
  • ISO 13937-1
  • BS 3424/4253/4468
  • DIN 53862
  • NEXT 17
  • M & S P29

Test procedure


  • The sample is placed in a stationary sample holder. A built-in knife on the specimen cuts a specified length along the direction of further tearing. After this, the ballistic pendulum is released and produces a test tear, while the strength of the fabric on the tear is determined by the weights installed on the pendulum's shoulders.

máy đo độ bền xé elmendorf chất lượng cao


Contents of delivery


  • The device for measuring the strength of the fabric for tearing by the method of Elmendorf (ballistic pendulum device) with 3 weights, weight: 1.6 kgf, 3.2 kgf and 6.4 kgf
  • Notching blade: 2 pcs.




  • Dimensions: 500 x 300 x 360mm
  • Weight: 20kg


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