Máy kiểm tra độ thấm dung dịch - Liquid Through Time Tester

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Thiết bị kiểm tra độ truyền chất lỏng theo thời gian, để xác định thời gian chất lỏng có độ dẫn điện thấp xuyên qua vải không dệt.

Liquid Through Time Tester, to determine the liquid strike-through time of nonwoven coverstocks being penetrated of low conductivity liquids.

  • The capacity of burette, more than 100ml
  • Burette moving distance 0.1—150mm
  • Burettes moving speed 50–200mm/min
  • penetrating disc with precision positioning device
  • The specimen holder can directly lift the penetration disc and is equipped with a positioning and fixing device
  • Transmission plate is made of special white wire13. The instrument equipped with automatic liquid release device,
  • Liquid flow rate controlled in 6 seconds through the flow 80ml, the error is less than 2ml


EDANA WSP 80.10 WSP 70.8 ERT 154.0 ERT 151.3
ISO 9073-8 ISO 9073-13 GB/T 24218.8 GB/T 24218.13


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